Chugach Consumers

2009 Matanuska Electric Election Recommendations

Chugach Consumers recommends a vote for Marvin Yoder and Crystal Nygard
Vote YES on Proposition 1

Former MEA board vice president Aaron Downing recommends voting NO on all 24 other propositions.  His reasoning is here:

25 propositions on the MEA ballot can be very confusing and complicated since they are somewhat interwoven.  By interwoven we mean that one proposition can negatively affect other propositions and existing bylaws.  Because of the sheer volume of changes and their complexity we believe the only safe way to vote on the bylaw changes is to vote YES on Proposition 1 and vote NO on all the others.
What we must consider is that all the bylaw changes (other than the member submitted bylaw, Proposition 1) were made by a hand picked committee of the present board majority.  The legality of this committee is very questionable since it was purposely and excessively loaded with people sympathetic solely to the board majority.  The board majority in making the committee member selections violated our bylaws which limit the number of committee members they could appoint in any one year.  We now have a large number of proposed bylaw changes put forward by an illegally constituted committee.  We, therefore, believe the only truly legal bylaw change on the ballot is Proposition 1.  All other propositions are tainted by a flawed committee selection process designed to support the present board majority including those incumbents running for reelection.  These proposed bylaw changes do not deserve our support.
Vote YES on Prop 1, the member supported bylaw change.
Vote NO on the rest, the illegally appointed committee changes.

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