Chugach Consumers

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Wiggin, Reiser, & Izzo

They mount a $300,000++ campaign to takeover the Chugach Electric Board.  Despicable, deceptive, slanderous TV and radio ads.  Slick mailers using Governor Palin's photo to mislead you into thinking she endorses them.  Flyers of lies handed out in church on Candidate Sunday!

They have no respect for the truth and no regard for the reputations of hardworking honest directors who stand in their way for a board seat.

Why would they do that for only $200 in board fees?  They know they can suck millions of dollars out of Chugach Electric rate-payer pockets to reward their IBEW Union backers, and can expect reward in return.

DID YOU KNOW that the Blue Ribbon Panel identified $25 million a year in excess rates charged to Chugach Electric customers?  The IBEW doesn't like the reforms in progress by Uwe, Rebecca and Liz that threaten to end this gravy train. 

This is why the $300,000++ smear campaign is underway.  For them it is an investment -- The IBEW and special interests stand to gain $100 back for every $1 they spend on this slime campaign!  Please don't let them take over our co-operative.  Please Re-elect Uwe, Rebecca and Liz.  They are doing a great job!


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Please forward this message as widely as possible

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